Thursday, February 14, 2008

Making Valentine's Day An Event to Market Love!

Brands need reasons. They need occasssions to promote themselves. By arranging events with innovative approaches, they try to grab consumer's mind for a day or two. It is the same on an uneventful valentines day like today. Lovers, doubtful and confused would like to reinforce their love by giving token or gifts. Valentine's DayAdvertisements speak about relationships and how to build them, using ideas that brands (businesses) like to be bought and as a pride to be used, to show affection in different ways. See what a site called has to say- " Sexy wishes you a Happy Valentines Day"
This was a small pop up ad which came in It speaks about Valentine' s Day sales and ideas to love!

And if these are internet based Indan ads, which came in, for sending flowers on a beautiful Valentine's day like today!

Luxury brands are also spinning business. . Brands such as Christian Dior, Hugo Boss, Swarovski and Gucci have unveiled special Valentine collections. Hugo Boss has a special gift hamper for men that includes sterling silver cufflinks, an exquisite silk tie, a calfskin belt, wallet and a key chain), with a tag of over Rs 12,000. Manishi Sanwal, general manager, Jewellery and Watches, LVMH India says, Valentine sales account for nearly 10-12% of business share for a luxury brand. It is a heavy buying festival that has seen a significant jump over the past 4-5 years.According to the Retailers Association of India (RAI), the total spent on Valentine's Day gifts last year was about Rs 12 billion ($270 million).

But friends, don't sell love and love for love's sake and for nothing else!..Make St.Valentine happy. Have a nice day filled with love!

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Mirza Kamran .A.Baig said...

commercail exploitation of human emotions

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