Monday, January 24, 2011

Nescafe VS Bru - celebrity Parade !!!

Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra fans world can soon see the star couple together on the small screen as they are going to be brand ambassadors of Bru Coffee… it is told that the shoot is on and soon the bubbly duo will sell Bru to us..

The two are on board because the company feels that the couple can do total justice to the brand (!). “Bru has been under  pressure” to bring in some star endorser because Deepika Padukone, Director Karan Johar and actor Purab Kohli were brand ambassadors for Nescafe… Now it is a strange but true reason to hire stars to endorse brands .......So the final picture is that while Deepika is busy Nescafe-ing for KJo and Purab, Priyanka will be Bru-ing it up for Shahid…or is it that picture abhi baaki hai?

And the logic from HUL which owns Bru- (it sounds the usual clich├ęd stuff which goes on air, whenever companies sign up a star to endorse)  “We are delighted to have Priyanka and Shahid on board as our brand ambassadors. We feel that the duo best brings alive Bru’s philosophy of 'Coffee livening-up every moment by stimulating conversation'." ……..

 “A great cup of coffee is my constant companion whether it's at work or at play” said Priyanka and not to be left behind Shahid says - “I am a coffee addict and Bru is my favourite ”… Now isn’t that picture perfect? 

Bru is my favourite as well, not because I am a “coffee addict” but because of the marketing intelligence that it has displayed in the past.. The innovation and push with which it pushed a leading Nescafe to number two position , the new packaging, the price points that came down with the new small packets that anyone would buy, the good ads that made the brand look happy, the product up gradation ( flavour-lock for instance) were all admirable.. Guess Nescafe when it finally woke up from its classic slumber and roped in Deepika and co, Bru was caught unawares (?) and now want to respond… 

In spite of Deepika and Purab, Nescafe ads were dull and not so great..And that makes the tough coffee war even more interesting... I hope and pray that Bru brings us some great ads, just like a hot cup of Bru coffee..!!!

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rt said...

Yeah the Nescafe ads are boring and too far stretched... by the time they launch the follow up ad a viewer might loose interest as well..
There best ad till date has only been the original classic one - ho shuru her din aisey!

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