Thursday, December 22, 2011

Herezie - Balls they care !

Herezie. Voted best young agency of the year.......says this ad and hence the picture needs no explanation. And if in case it needs -then this Ad is not for you and just move on !  I had been in a self imposed exile for long now and Adformula hence was off air. I know that not many people missed it , not many did not even notice it and hence I could relax.
 Thanks to my friend and Ad persona Ivan Raszl currently the GM @WebMediaBrand for having bought this ad to my attention.when I saw it bingo ! that was the spark to re start Adformula.. Now I have Balls enough to rejuvenate my blog.  

It is rare to see agencies advertising about and for themselves and even when they do it would be subtle and sombre. Some of them really crack the whip and make many an eye balls go topsy-turvy like this one Old timers may remember the Mccann Ad where Jesus HIMSELF sits and chooses from among all the logos offered to him..... Herezie is different not only for the balls they showed ( .....oops... I mean literally and metaphorically ) but also for the strikingly simple and yet path breaking creativity on display. Kudos for that part.

Yes the nudity and the BALLS factor do hurt me ( well it kinda pricks me ) as a father and as some one who likes clean advertising but then I wouldn't be outraged . Rarely does Adformula talks diplomatically but then this case , for me the ideation and execution looks brilliant and yet it pricks... 

An Ad is made to talk to its TG and this case it should be the clients- existing ones and the prospective ones and one must say that they really do a simple job and a clear job . As long as the ad didn't Prick the TG nothing matters !

Cheers !  

Advertising Agency: Herezie, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Andrea Stillacci
Copywriter: Jean-Laurent Py
Art Director: Sebastien Boutebel
Agency Producer: Evelyne Luce
Head of planning: Luc Wise
Art Buyer: Laurianne Dula
Retoucher: Antoine Mairot
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