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Ad Funda --- Ambient advertising ?

"Ambient advertising is advertising through an unusual medium”.

Instead of advertising one's product through TV, radio, prints or hoardings on the pavements, these ads creep before the viewer when he least expects it. The whole idea of ambient advertising is to be clever and catch the eye of the target even before they realize that they are a target…..

The mouse pad user above, is going through a state of ecstasy for being able to browse under a micro mini with his hands and even click and squeeze, when slowly but surely the AXE brand name is squeezing into his mind, in a process of passive learning...

Newspaper, TV and other main stream (above the line, as they call it) advertisements usually cost a huge amount for one insertion,( If the size of the newspaper advertisement is not significant, it goes unnoticed) but when it comes to ambient advertising, it helps in establishing individual connect( to an extent that is), and is more reasonable in terms of cost ( but cost effectiveness is always questionable).

The idea of gifting apple baskets with a company's logo stuck on each apple to their premium clients, helps build a personal connect, and also builds good business but among a selected group of people.. After all … many Apples?

Even though ambient advertising has made a place by having massive shock value, it is not strong enough to force out the more conventional forms of advertising.( not that I am a devil’s advocate here and is ALL for the Advertising as we know it, but..) For branding we still need to rely on print and electronic media and that is true.. after all conventional advertising is like marriage, there may be a better option but what is it? Can some one say?

The amounts of advertising and marketing, people are exposed to daily have gone beyond belief …. At the petrol pumps, in the movie theatre, in washrooms and lavatory, during sports and even charity shows —advertising is impossible to avoid….. even space is not left…..the Russian space program launched a rocket bearing a 30-foot Pizza Hut logo, and some companies are investigating the possibility of placing ads in space that will be visible from earth.

Marketers are pressed to find even more pioneering and insistent ways to cut through the "ad clutter" or "ad fatigue" of modern life. Some accuse such efforts into getting ambient as "environment pollutants." Others worry that this deluge of advertising will create a backlash with consumers and they may walk off….
And why not... ? when a brand stares and hangs on to you from 23 different outdoor media formats like billboards, bus shelters, elevators, Volvo bus wraps, complete train wraps, LEDs at railway stations, and national highway boom barriers and where not, like sprite did in its sprite express campaign, people may feel trapped and that cannot always make the desired result.

If it is done in an optimum dose it would be taken well I guess..

Here is what I saw in the net....
A good example of this is the outdoor campaign Euro RSCG has executed for Good People India, a job consulting company based in Gurgaon.Good People India has stayed away from advertising since it was set up eight years ago by Neena Sagar. Initially, the company handled job profiles mainly in the field of advertising.

Both Sagar and her husband, Vidhu, have worked in advertising, Sagar for 10 years. So, they were well networked in the field. Now it is also getting into job profiles in marketing and, thus, feels the need to be more visible.As a result, when its creative agency, Euro RSCG, came up with an innovative outdoor idea, Good People India decided to talk about itself, spurred on also by the lower advertising costs induced by the prevailing recession.

A bright yellow sign with the message, 'Jobs Available –', was attached to the window cleaning trolley of Infinity Towers, a glass façade building in DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon. A cutout of a hand with a pointed finger was attached to one side of the trolley, pointing towards the various company signs on the building. These signs included those of Orange, WNS, STAR Sports, STAR Cricket and ESPN. The maintenance staff move the trolley up and down the building in the afternoon as they clean the glass.
As a result, the finger points at various floors at various times, indicating job positions available at these companies and at all levels from the top management to the welcome desk.The campaign was ideated by Euro RSCG and executed in association with MPG Active.

I just hope that at the end of the day this serves the purpose and it is not over done !

Nothing kills love and marketing like an overdose of it !!!!


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