Friday, July 24, 2009

Benadryl - sneezing creativity !

It is a war on summer allergies. An outstanding creative idea is complimented by some brilliant sound design and eye catching music ….JWT, Grand central and Benadryl in UK is behind this appealing ad where a countryside scene is accompanied by the sounds of warfare, as speeded-up film shows falling sycamore pods, daisies bursting with pollen and a variety of other plants having their pollen spread by wind and insects. A screen message advises 'win the war against allergies' before a pack of Benadryl is displayed. And for a dust allergic like me, it appeals with its simplicity, packed and appealing visuals and the sound!!!!

For Benadryl, the 55 year old brand which once was a synonym for the category, and later lost to the new players, the revival is happening now….this new one is in the right track !!!

Cheers to the guys who made it…


Sarah Barker - Senior Brand Manager, Benadryl
Alex Pitt - General Marketing Manager, URT

Brief:-The brief was to reinforce Benadryl's effectiveness credentials and superiority at speed of action in a category where few claims are permissible.

Art Director-Andy Smith
Copy Writer-Ryan Lawson
TV Producer-Anna Church
Planner (creative agency)-Ian MacDonald
Media agency-Carat
Media planner-Greg Patterson
Director-Steve Cope
Production company-Rattling Stick
EditorTim Hardy @ Cut and Run
SoundMunzi Thind @ Grand Central

And thanks to Anne Maria of Lowe London for the info and the details !!!

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