Friday, April 21, 2006

Your children and my children and our children..

Ad agencies cannot simply decide to stay away from clients -good or bad they are important. That fact remaining as a supreme truth, there are some things which agencies can do. It is becoming a common practice these days that whenever there is a change in management, there is a review of the advertising agency without any adequate reasons being shown. it comes as a shock, a sort of thunder bolt for many agencies ,when the client suddenly calls for a divorce, for no particular reason..... Inspite of getting positive vibes from the clients after mid term reviews, sometimes a wake up call ,amidst deep slumber will shake up the agency honchos and they wake up to melancholy and utter helplessness, pitying over the plight of the industry .

The client and the incumbent agency, both parties, could sit across the table and over a period should over come the issues. It’s easy to invite agencies for a pitch and many marketing departments of clients seem to be thriving on this concept. There are times when a call for a pitch is made, presentations happen and then one hears nothing from the company.Worse their are times when pitching is made and 'ideas' are "stolen".

The fight between LG as a client and Mccann Erickson as an agency and the mud slinging over the client suddenly calling for a pitch is history now, yet worth to be quoted here.... LG called for pitch, Mccann stayed away and called others to follow suit “To put it in simple words: LG exercised its right to call for a pitch, we exercised our right to stay away from it,” as said by Santosh desai of Mccann.

LG consolidated its business activities this year ( read it as confused to hell) its creative duties for its consumer electronics and IT business with Lowe. In the beginning of 2004, McCann-Erickson was awarded the creative duties for TV, audio, plasma display products and the IT business. In a later reshuffle, it got the washing machine business as well. Prior to that, Lowe was handling the CTVs, IT and DVD audio systems, while Capital Advertising was handling the DVD video players. In a similar move, some two months ago, LG Home Appliances consolidated its creative duties with Capital Advertising. Capital got the air conditioners and microwave ovens business from O&M, refrigerators from Lowe and washing machines from McCann-Erickson.In fact, Capital had worked earlier on LG microwave ovens and refrigerators; the refrigerator business moved to Capital from Lowe in 2001.The washing machine business was with Lowe in 2001, but then it was moved to O&M, and then to McCann-Erickson in 2004. Now, it is with Capital...and then....

This is ,in simple words a comedy of errors....

Who finally will own such brands?

What will they look like..? A dirty looking kid born of a group rape?

What can the agencies do??

simple.. stay out..

I guess you still have something named the AAAI ...take decision to be together at least in such cases of client imperialism. But for that the self congragulating , self awarding( no other Industry in the world, as per Biju Dominic's (Mudra)own admission, gives itself so many awards) will have to come out of that self declared intellectual orgasm and see the reality that you had been faking to glory...

Will that happen?

My beloved Industry .... please,......

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