Monday, January 12, 2009

Jimbo bumbo ..Jargons in Advertising... part I

For those ad guys who happen the attend the typical client meetings and then their own meeting with the genius’s of the account and brand planning division these are the terms that comes out with every foul breath….

Synergy (O yeah!!) 1+1=5 ….
Proactive, not Reactive (that is when we can do it before target date)
Win-Win Situation (Compromise!)
Think Outside the Box (but where is the box?)
Take That Offline (SHOUT!)
Client-Focused (his ego is bigger than ours)
Strategic Fit (Jargons can confuse)
Gap Analysis (whose gap with whom?)
Best Practice ( as compared to?)
The Bottom Line (is most of the time the top line as well)
Core Business ( of most clients is to make money)
Lessons Learned ( the hard way most of the time.. the main client has just walked out..)
Revisit ( the plans and strategies often after the client kicks hard in the ass)
Game Plan ( often with open goal posts and googlies)
In the Loop ( just keep in touch)
Out of the Loop ( I hate him to talk to him)
Go the Extra Mile (often after a lots of 4 letter words)
Benchmark ( often the bench is to hide under)

To be continued >>>>>>>>>>>>>.

1 comment:

~~~RAJARAM~~~ said...

excellent collection of jargons sir.looking forward for part II.



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