Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Visa Go... Way to Go !!!

Visa Inc has launched its first ever global advertising campaign with the tag line 'More people around the world go with Visa', shimmering the company's fruition to a single, global company.

The campaign which went on air in the US market in the first week of March saw colours on Holi, when it came out for the Indian eyeballs and across the world it is reaching people to awe, inspire and amuse them….

Visa after its much discussed consolidation of its entire creative duties with TBWA and its media duties with OMD on a global level, this campaign was much awaited and one should say that it hasn’t disappointed…At least not yet (!)….. The new campaign has the aim of putting its worldwide marketing under a single premise and tone that showcases the greater worth it delivers in comparison with cash and cheques and the promises that VISA offers which includes more security, more control and more convenience.. From cash and cheques to better and superior forms of electronic payments is what the aim is and needless to say it is done…

While it may be too early to comment on its reach and the after effects of such reach, kudos to the consolidation efforts, and the think global act local strategy with which the marketers and the communicators seems to be planning to achieve visual esperanto… Kudos to the brave efforts to reach the world in a single tone and tenor and yet be different from place to place according to the culture…The Indian versions are for you to see here while for more you may have to visit here.... The rich and varied textures and hues of the world is captured with all precision and beauty as could be done only by a world wide agency,,,, TBWA seems to have got back it olden day glory…

If you remember Visa was launched in India in 1989 with the tag line – 'Visa Power. Go get it' – with cricketer Sachin Tendulkar as its brand ambassador …. It ran till 2003 ….The next campaign was about connecting emotionally with the consumer through 'Mind and Body. Heart and Soul' positioning statement. All these campaigns were created by RK Swamy BBDO until the global changes came about….. RK swamy and co did and good job in making the awareness, selling the idea “ to empower the consumer with 'Visa power' and then 'go' get what they desired”. Now, since the consumer is aware of Visa, the focal point has shifted to communicating that he can 'go' with it anywhere – be it shopping, marriages, dining or even for a holiday abroad.....

The campaign is claimed to be well suited for traditional and new media, and will strongly support Visa’s global sponsorship properties, plans and programmes as well as its committed merchant marketing programs. Visa’s international will also see a television commercial named “Gofesto.” The spot, which will be customized by each Visa region,(consolidation and yet localization) will take the viewer on a journey across the globe showing different people from different places enjoying what the world has to offer – from experiencing the great outdoors to taking simple trips to the supermarket. The spot reminds cardholders that life is not about collecting possessions, but more importantly, about collecting experiences…...

Visa also has created a micro site where people can go and paste pics etc and also other forms of digital extensions and the like are in the offing….360 degree perfect it looks like ..!!!

A well crafted strategy, to reach and be heard by people in the same tone and tenor, a client who understands and has deep pockets, an agency who is there in every nook and corner, the right media mix and above all the timing to recraft and get a re look, it looks like visa and the go campaign has got the perfect ingredients in the right mix ….

Well done Visa.. but way to Go !!!


Project -Visa Gofesto

Client -Visa

Creative agency -TBWA Chiat Day Los Angeles

Executive creative director -Rob Schwartz

Group creative director -Patrick O’Neill

Associate creative directors -Gage Clegg, Becca Morton, Jason Busa

Global director media arts- Lee Clow

Executive agency producer- Guia Iacomin

Associate agency producer- Chris Spencer

Production house- Paydirt

Director -Iain Mackenzie

Executive producer -Jonathon Kerr

Post-production company- Superfad

Executive producer -Kevin Batten

Creative director -Justin Leibow

Senior art director -Kevin Lau

Head of production -Angela De Oliveira

Producer -Camille Labouchere

Editor -Charles Jensen

VFX Supervisor/Flame- Artist John Shirley

Exposure Television, print, online

Thanks to Vipin Nambiar for his inputs........
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Anonymous said...

Look and feel is very similar to the "go" campaign that ran for Bell Canada in 2001

visasnap said...

It has been correctly said that today people are aware of the Visa . The campaign has now been shifted to inform the consumer that he can literally can go with it for various purposes such as shopping, marriages etc.

VisaSnap said...

The visa campaign is interesting, meticulously planned and well excecuted. Awareness is important part on part of the consumer so that he can make an informed decision.

VisaSnap said...

It has been correctly said that today people are aware of the Visa . The campaign has now been shifted to inform the consumer that he can literally can go with it for various purposes such as shopping, marriages etc.

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