Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Muslipower Xtra - copy cat !!!

Sex and drugs for sex  have been a category that sells by itself since time immemorial..… and Kunnath C Abraham knew that very well… just another man before he realised his big brand dream, he but had the power of looking to the future…. He is the one with a bit more forethought ....... he knew that drugs like Viagra should run for a hiding because of the many health apprehension these drugs are connected with. That did exactly happen to sex drugs, especially in India, when sales did drop and then… THEN came the now often discussed Musli power Xtra, ‘the saviour of Indian manhood’.. !

His pricing strategies are/were different (you cannot buy a Musli tablet alone, you have to get a pack full and pay some big money for it), facing the allegations (mainly from a jealous competition) he had them issue a threat ad where he (yeah that’s right the man himself) announced that anyone proving that is product has banned substances in it will get 5 crores and the like.. He even won some additional brownie points when he realised that the law is going to catch up he by quickly dropped the impotence-cure tag and adopted vitality tag instead… and then he took it to everyone… selling sex to making you healthy and vital with the one and same drug… One ad said (the old man in the ad said that is..) now even old people can use it… it gives me SO MUCH of ENERGY.. Whatever it means..  

And then this ad, for the weak hearts… 


Now some history from another part of the world…

Somewhere during Mid 2001,  an ad agency calls a Zurich director, to make an ad for Swiss TV.... The client was Microsoft XP and the idea to sell - password protection......

So what you ask...?… keep going guys.. !

The ad was shot inexpensive, and in less than a day..(ahem).

As far as I can conclude (it’s my assumption and don’t hang me if I am wrong), the ad never ran on any TV and other media (where it should have) considering that it is a TVC. Someone who saw it somewhere posted it online somewhere, somehow and then its history. It went on until Gates saw it and got red in anger and had it pulled.

The content is sexy and even outright lewd for our standards but again was not the case for half of the world... Things are moving along satisfactorily hot (!!!) until the couple reach one of those archetypal tests of manhood, the brassiere disentanglement (or as the Swiss friends used to put it, the dégagement de soutien-gorge.) Even though the gentleman choose for the conventional, competent, better-safe-than-sorry, two-handed release his efforts are unanswered and his desires, so very oathtically dissatisfied….(alas ! )

The fact that the ad makes us smile is testimony to its creative brilliance but nevertheless it wasn’t seen much on public space…Microsoft seemingly didn’t think that it would efficiently sell software, or Microsoft was annoyed that the ad they paid to produce was seized and usurped by the online world….

For me but the video’s winning split second transpire about halfway through the run; watch the devious, nuanced expression on the girl’s face as she realises what is going on, literally, behind her back…. For the ad makers ( Chris Niemeyer- a lessor known Swiss director and her crew) but the winning moment would be now, if and when they comprehend that 'far across the distance and spaces between them' (inspired from the Titanic song) some other unrelated brand had ditto and shamelessly copied their idea which  any ways Microsoft didn’t find much useful. 

Imitiation is the sincerest form of flattery but this has gone beyond the limit.. Even the sly expression of the girl is …!!! 

Tail piece:- The difference between a bad artist and a good one is the bad artist seems to copy a great deal; the good one really does…..

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Akul Nair said...

WHOA..... is it for real..tats like a blatant rip-off...doubt if it is a scam.

Anyway the brand is sure going places and a definite hit. One chief reason for this must be the fact that the product hardly receives any negative word of mouth publicity. People who try the product and learn that it doesn't work, keeps it to himself. People rather let their friends waste their money than disclose their experience and make others question his manhood.
Imagine someone sayin ' I tried Musli Power Extra.. Bekaar hein yaar... I still dont get an erection'. Food for

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