Thursday, March 10, 2011 absolute stuff for absurd businesses ...!

Most of us have business ideas and want to start off something or the other. The rare ones who dare to do, want a website as well.. Even toddy and arrack shops have websites and that is what seems to be playing for. 

The internet domain registration brand of late commenced a noisy integrated campaign to further its services of personalised web presence solutions… and that too in a category where Noise and being Loud is kind of unheard of. 

The television commercials feature people talking about their strange businesses - a recovery agent boasting of ground-breaking ways to recover money from debtors, a lady talking about her maid training institute, a businessman talking of his nut making company, and an acting school called 'Rambo Acting Classes' and so on…. 

Eying an early mover advantage or the prime player plus (as I call it) , this guys seems to be reassuring business men (small business men & entrepreneurs mainly ) that structuring a website is not rocket science and hence does not require large sums of money or time…. Moreover the strategy to unleash some disruptive communication so that at the end of it all, people will equate website creation to , seems to be quite laudable at least for the time being… is part of the $300+ million Directi group,( an info for those who care) did appoint Mediacom as its media buying partner and assigned the creative duties for its ongoing multimedia campaign to Ideas@Work -a creative shop. That was two months back and with an outlay of 10 crores INR (I still don’t know how to type an INR symbol) this fiscal towards advertising spends, this hungama was bound to happen. Now ideas @work ( true to its name) is successfully entertaining us with this four films with  humour as its DNA .It for sure has helped in sales of the service in the short term but will help in achieving category leadership and brand leadership for as well.

These ads seems to recognize the basic insights like :-

MOST people are not aware of the price at which a website is available. ( No…….. I do not mean the hi flying , hi society living  Ad brains type) &
The ads have a straightforward proposition and combined with humour the proposition is more memorable.

One negative stuff I found in some reviews is that the ads could have been funnier with slightly more absurd, slightly more illusory jobs and businesses… That is one feel I have as well ,given my love for deadpan humour .. 

It is certainly the strategy that the GoDaddy guys used in the US, and successfully well. Godaddy of course had more humour, (and more dirty stuff that was not that good for family viewing) more stupid jobs and businesses and most importantly it gave real products with real value and less of hidden costs.. 

The last part I doubt in this case ( going by the reviews that I read in the net… In spite of all good ads and clutter breaking, if you are in the business of making some quick bucks at the expense of long term band building, then God save your business… 

Three cheers !


Direction :- Sanju Ayappa
Production :- Footcandles ..
The team -Roy Abraham, Joshua Newnes, Mahesh Gorde
and ideas@work co-founders Prashant Godbole and Zarvan Patel.

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Sanjay said... is cheating its customers. Their hidden costs and sluggish response times makes it look like they don't have time for their customers.
I've found smaller organizations like to be lot better and attentive than Bigrock.
Hopefully Bigrock will wake up and stop treating its customers badly.

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