Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Docomo - the new silly !

I have been teaching marketing and Advertising for quite some years now.. Even yesterday I was waxing eloquent about the first mover advantage and the like… Does Marketing theory anywhere talk about a last mover advantage? If not I guess its time that some one makes a theory of it and about it… Seeing DOCOMO doing a new every time, I feel like being the last to enter (in spite of all the barriers and scope of falling into a clutter) has its own merits as well…

Much has been written and blogged (already) about how the timing ( IPL and the world cup), about the charm and personality of Ranbir Kapoor, India’s young and fastest-rising Bollywood icon and how he is Refreshingly Different and hence all fit and perfect match for the brand persona… Much has been said (again) about how this ad reminds us of the great stand up comedians like George Carlin and our own Raju Srivastava ..I doubt that part though !

Ranbir for sure has a charm which is unique to him and his style and wit simply gels perfectly with the selling idea ‘keep it simple… silly ’. Among all the brands he now endorses ( and that includes Hero Honda (from February, 2011), John Player, Nissan, Virgin Mobile, Pepsico and Panasonic India)- this one seems to be a perfect endorser personality – brand personality fit . It focuses mostly on how Tata DOCOMO make things easier for the average telecom consumer, by providing differentiated products and services (?) …Again I doubt about the so called perfection that this guys offer.. To my knowledge all of them are the same….. 

Each individual advertisement starts by illustrating a complexity in the category, and presents the Tata DOCOMO product and/or service as a means of simplifying things… as of now, this series of ads are simple and silly… and hence reaching where it is actually intending to… the viewers minds… !

Three cheers !!!

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