Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Natural is GOOD ! ;)

Merriboy Icecreams , some time back refined and redefined the whole ice cream market in Kerala by their positioning which was "100% natural and the only natural ice cream that it was" etc etc thereby distancing away from the other players that lead from the front till then !

Suddenly there was an awareness about the frozen desserts that was mistakenly bought by uninformed customers as 'ice creams' and thus Merriboy made the big leap . a whole new redefined category was all theirs .

 Now when we see we see ICECREAMS everywhere , made even by the traditional frozen dessert makers, thanks should be given to the strong NATURAL is good position that Meriiboy put up.

Not to be left alone- they were soon joined by NATURALS , a big name in the ice cream market with multi city presence and an even more NATURAL menu to boast about . This, but did not give the Kerala based 'Natural is good Merriboy' any reason to be worried . They hired Manju Warrier - the timeless Malayalam actor to endorse their tag line and make the brand even more yo yo and well known !

All is well but then .....

The picture above is taken from Lulu Mall  in Kochi where the Merriboy store ( which proclaims that NATURAL IS GOOD ) has a NATURALS store very next to it ..

If the confused buyer takes this one as one honest and candid confession from Merriboy , well then the boy may have some reasons not to be so much MERRY about !

Till then , YES , Natural is Good !
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