Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tata Do Co Mo - doing the new...!

Tata DoCoMo the GSM service from the Tata stable is here…. Another one HUH? I sighed when I thought of the prospect of a weak ME TOO player in the Kerala market which already has a war between an Airtel vs Idea vs Vodafone vs Reliance vs BSNL vs Aircel vs MTS vs Virgin .. UAE based Etisalat is on ground already with its basic works…With Tata Indicom ,Tata is already in the CDMA market but as it is well known the CDMA market is a smaller cake and the GSM one is a bigger cake and therefore the Tata DoCoMo.

Do Co Mo is there everywhere…. After the teasers that went on for a while and the revealers that wasn’t that great as expected,after the ads that unveiled the logo’s( they were good ads and you can see some of them here…)…..now it has become omnipresent (A telecommunication client with deep pockets is any agency’s jack pot and its rivals envy) ....In marine drive, in the walkways, in the shopping malls, in my car yard, in twitter where I go once while ( docomo id : tatadocomo which has about 1000 plus followers already ) in the FM radio’s (50 to 60 second ads which can at times make you crazy) and in the TV of course and yet it does not irritate beyond a point……NTT Do Co Mo of Japan which has only 26% stake (and the rest is with TATA thus creating the TATA Do Co Mo) dominate 74% of the logo said some literature and I felt like.. arey wah !!! No one says Tata Do Co Mo now.. It’s just the Do Co Mo and it sounds good.. and it is working without the TATA tag….…… cute, peppy ,rhyming and simple….
Tata DoCoMo’s advertising ( I tried getting them on You tube but in vain… will post them when I am able to locate them..) is banging, true that they are not amazing works of exceptional creativity but they are what ads basically should be…..communicative and creative..!!

First came the footballer who strikes a goal and then rejoices with his jersey pulled up to cover his face and as he runs in joy, bangs on to the goal post and falls flat.. then came the guy in the plane who gets to seat next to a lady and when he is about to strike a conversation, he is asked to move his seat, first to his chagrin, and then to his delight, when he gets to place his ass between a voluptuous blonde and a sexy damsel, one of them instantly falling on to his shoulders in sleep….. And the message? Life can change in a second… why talk of a minute?

It just says “Do the New” with the amusing Do – Co – Mo sounds and each ad has a story, the inviting fun and mischief and great climax…

No big faces, No Dogs, No South African creatures and no big IDEA’s being swept around… Simple Job.. Simple differentiation (second is the new minute) that is striking a cord with people (people are shifting from A B and C to Do Co Mo and I am seeing it...) or is it that simple… ? The pulse is dragged down to 1 second from the existing 1 minute..... Sure the cost might be the same but the rounding off will be to the nearest second and not to the nearest minute.. and that makes a hell lot of difference for people who value money…And I can give you a list….Why pay for two minutes when you have spoken for only one minute and 3 seconds..? “Don’t pay for something which you don’t use” is a proposition that works….

Apart from the simple differentiation, and the simple logo and the simple ads, the tag line Do the new, is simple as well… its similarity with Do the DEW, of Mountain Dew didn’t go unnoticed but I guess it could be taken as part of the game considering that both are players in two different games…In a cluttered market place, the rule to be seen is to stay different and Do Co Mo has done it (began it) well… As they say well begun is half done !!! (I am forced to compare this with Reliance since Tata and Reliance are the only guys in both the GSM and CDMA markets) … The Reliance launch of their GSM with Hrithik Roshan and this one… which is better?

Kudos to Chaks (KS Chakravarthy, National Creative Director, Draft FCB Ulka) and his team……


Jayakrishnan G. Pillai said...

am not sure but i overheard this...
the "do the new" funda is from a dubai based company's ad... stolen as the layman call it or plagiarism as the few like u call it

Anonymous said...

i jus loved tata docomo's music..i heard it is composed by Ram Sampath!!

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