Friday, September 25, 2009

The technology flooded customer.. (the best of adformula series)

How information savvy are you?,,,,

How saturated are we with flow of information?....

Or is saturation a light description of the "how' things are as of now...?

A study ,which I read in some news a month back ( may be it has become outdated by now...), says an average Indian who lives in a metro and who has access to all the communication tools of the day..the "infosexual" ...( eureka,,, eureka.... I have got the term...) gets around 7ooo + information criscrossing his brain on any given day ( Dr Paul MacLean as quoted by Micheal Heppel- says "the brain is a triune brain ie :- with three parts... The Reptilian brain, the limbic system and the neo cortex....")OOOf was it too complicated.?.

Any way it doesnt matter....So the point is... all those information making the receiver go MAD--- Message A Day Index as the communications industry has "aptly" named the phenomenon......Information deluged human beings,attend selectively, distort lavishly and retain sparingly....Voila.... poor Marketing comunicator ( read advertiser....) do you make sure that your communication stands above the the great arch by Noah...Be creative...In
creative content as well as choice of media....

See one example is ..the friskies outdoor actually carries food for the can any one simply ignore that...MAD or bad ..such creative stuff hits the TGBe bold and different.... saw the &*%$ sucker ad..? the idea is simple..Dowry is the dirtiest word..any other word,,,even the dirtiest of swearing, would become a day to day lingo in comparison...

bold and beautiful ..aint it?

Now whats the lesson....for an academic couchpotato it is easy to advise..right you ad guys out there..?

It is easy to play from the gallery ...but right in the field the heat will burn your ass right...?

But I belong to the TG... and I will see u only if u want me to see u.. talk to me in my language...Got it... or are you caught in the deluge... deluge of vanity...?

(This article is published again under the best of adformula series and was originally published on June 19, 2006)

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