Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Follow your star !!!

This German ad with its brilliant copy, visualisation and execution and the song was an all time favourite for me..The"Hello" song was written by Christina Aguilera" , Robert Hoffman and Heather Holley for promoting this new car model of Mercedes-Benz A-Class, back in summer 2004.... This ad for me was ever so dear for it stands so close to the principles of life I follow.... And for the creative simplicty with which the message is conveyed...

Here at IBS ,another batch of students are passing out...... As I finished my 7 th batch of teaching Advertising, this ad was my parting message to them...

Go and fly out and reach places... Follow your own star guys and gals...!!!

Thanks for the wonderful learning experience !!!

Credits of the Ad:

Aug 2004
Mercedes Benz A class
Brand name:

Springer&Jacoby Werbung( based in Germany but having operations across Europe)

Creative Director: Rob Hoffman/Heather Holley

Creative Director: Stefan Meske/Toygar Bazarkaya/Hans-J├╝rgen Lewandowski/Erik Heitmann

Copywriter: Markus Sehr/Michael Benzinger

Art Director: Tilmann Trost

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