Friday, March 19, 2010

Micromax mobile- Nothing like Anything !!!!

Akshay Kumar is like wine, the older he gets the better he is whether in acrobatics or even in his histrionics, except I must say in this ad.. This one which makes him laugh like an obtuse idiot and that too for about 30 seconds in a 45 second commercial is just too much to endure. Whatever the product is and whatever the new Gamolution thing that they want to sell (like SKINNOCENCE this is a new ad word GAMOLUTION)

This ad irritates, first by the absolute lack of any bit of creative spirit, second for the stupid laugh which lurks like the one you get to hear in mad houses and third rate Hindi films and third and most important, by the sheer senselessness with which this nerve breaker is aired again and again as if they can bore, irritate and torture people to buy their stuff while people watch IPL 3 in all peace and excitement.

I even know of people who said that if IPL 3 so far has any irritant so far, it is this laughing ad.

The mobile handset market already has players such as Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson, and these players already enjoy great allegiance and loyalty among consumers.. Unquestionably that is….. It would have been a big challenge for any new player (this guys are new in this market) to shift this loyalty to them.. a lot of work should have gone in …..A dual GSM-dual standby QWERTY keypad phone at less than Rs 5000, and such stuff that Micromax offers are definitely a thing that could have changed the game had they got into the right game…. If their advertising is any indication, it seems quite unlikely… Some of their ads are good enough to sit and watch (done then by Draft FCB) but the Akshay one is for sure a de-seller and the game seems to be lost even before it has begun …

Big brands, big budgets… Niching seemed to be the only option and guess they were into it but with an advertising budget of Rs 50 crore plus as per industry sources, the blitzkrieg is to continue and even aggravate through other media as well.. I hope they don’t carpet bomb me from the likes of Facebook and twitter…

A big thumbs down to Lowe (the agency) for the creative impotency, and sub-primary school level imagination and a ‘shame on you’ to the media planner (who cares the name) for this nothingness which proclaims ‘nothing like anything’ as its tag line.. How true… !!!

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