Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dish TV & SRK - old wine !

SRK has never disappointed me like this, or may be never after this much after the infamous bath tub where he sat among rose petals selling Lux. He has become so very boring and predictable and his once lovable, yummy and cute mannerisms now evoke certain kind of disdain among people. I am not talking about me as the sample, but yes I am in the search phase of my buying process for a suitable dish TV and hence totally and really qualify to be opining as a TG.

The idea remains the same… WE SAW it again and again as goals and balls that come out of the screen and on to the viewer during the world cup last. The viewer getting the FEEL of the character in the Ad sitting in the gallery and cheering and the last shot which zooms out will tell us that he is in his couch munching peanuts/chips/pop corn and the match is in this LCD TV/ 3D TV/ Dish TV. We have even seen the referee and his red card extended again to SRK (ZZZZZZZZ!) again for the same Dish tv….

Every one has the same thing to sell, pretty understandable but can you not tell it differently … Even the LG Infinia ads that seem to be full of creative differentiation elsewhere (see it here), get into a truism and formula mode here in our country where talent galore in Advertising…. (See it here)

When everyone says the same thing in a group, it just adds on to the noise, it is like a novice walking into a Friday night pub.. The lights, the colours, the characters and all the noise…. nothing more, nothing less!

Or is it that our beloved industry is ( to quote Harold MacMillan) forever poised between the cliché and the indiscretion?

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