Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wimpy's - perfect communication !

In South Africa, restaurant chain Wimpy is welcoming blind customers -- by serving them burgers with words in Braille spelled out on their buns with sesame seeds…. So what you must be saying only if you do not know how tough is it to make buns with Braille letters made out of sesame seeds.

Fast-food advertising has always been heavy on the gimmicks and envelope-pushing… But then this one (even though it can be called a gimmick) is really touching and path breaking particularly keeping in mind the fact that this tactic isn’t always successful.

After viewers took its as a blatant case of transgression, in Johannesburg, a fast food chain Nando’s had to pull a cheeky ad campaign last year that featured dead dictators sharing a meal.

For clear reasons but this Wimpy’s work for the visually impaired is getting a far better reception. The ad itself claims that the 15 people who ate the burgers spread news of their experience to 800,000 others through Braille publications and organizations.

In the U.S., some fast food eateries offer Braille menus. Those who don’t must offer to read the entire menu to blind customers in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Not many places are that disabled friendly as the US is and such an ad makes a lot of difference to promote the whole and noble idea of disabled friendliness to people who are able.

Kudos to the ad agency – Metropolitan republic and the entire team … such ads give a hope that the era of good creative married to be the best of media of a given time is still

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