Thursday, December 21, 2006

lee lo and behold..!!!

The most controversial of Lee advertising..!!!

It was dragged into tribunals and furore was created saying that No advertiser has the right to place such sexually explicit pictures in public. The ad is semi pornographic. The shorts supposedly being advertised can hardly be seen. The lollipop being sucked is obviously analogous to oral sex. The t-shirt is open and the breast half exposed. The legs are spread and the immediate focus of the eyes are on the thigh and thus the woman’s crotch (read vagina). It teaches young girls that women are simply there for their bodies and it teaches young boys the same thing- woman (sic) are to be used and seen as sexual objects. The clothes can hardly be seen. We all must play a role in reducing violence including sexual violence in our society. This type of ad demeans women. Portraying women as just sex objects also contributes to women being abused, objectified and treated violently.

The ruling of course went in Lee's favour and the tribunals didnt find anything annoying here...

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