Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Apple + HP: Where did it go wrong?

All advertisements do not have same agenda like a Chef , who makes every dish different. But we like to eat paneer makhan tikka with chappathi, and not just one thing alone. Sometimes we are afraid that there might be a mismatch between dishes and basic foods, which might develop allergy. Apple didn't mean it, even HP didn't expect it. But they launched a campaign together to inform people that both gadgets- HP's PCs are compatible with ipods and itunes.

"You are your playlist -- Use your PC to make and organize the playlists that say more about you than you even know. Brahms next to the Black Eyed Peas? You are a walking contradiction."

"You download fearlessly -- Click on the Apple iTunes icon on any new HP PC and link directly to the iTunes Music Store, where the music you want is 99 cents per song. Download up to 10,000 picks to your new Apple iPod from HP. You make your music your own."

"You introduce your PC to the band -- All new HP PCs come preloaded with Apple iTunes Software. Combined with the new Apple iPod from HP, you bring the bass without missing a beat. Your PC is a musical prodigy."

Then, apple ipod was also sold by Hp channels, now it isn't. Then, consumers were in doubt whether apple's products can be used with PCs other than Mac computers. Colourful and customer oriented, ad put "YOU" as the major factor. But as it became part of the clutter, it became a "run of the mill" one.

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