Monday, February 18, 2008

Lux's Magic of Black

Have you become a princess for a while? The new "Lux Provocateur" Advertisements gives you a chance. Clad in black, tina and friends, characters in the site, will answer lot of questions and tell you amusing love stories. It implores us to delve into dark and mysterious side of life:- to become more adventurous I mean. The animators have done a nice job, as characters appear in front of you, we are likely to fall in love with them. They have a dedicated a site for the magic of black..... for glorifying the black colour!......It is a difficult to task to entice customers towards a black coloured soap as the basic perception:- like black soap leadiing to black colour ( or black is a dirty colour!) often exists, in the minds of common people. Yup, the target market is young women, but still - a story of Snow White ( as it is in the site) may not entice a young 25 year old to try, may be teenagers would like to read such fairy tales.

But the characters are cute, site very interactive and impresses for a while.

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gd said...

"may be teenagers would like to read such fairy tales." ... i actually beg to differ here. i mean the world has changed and you'd find most teenagers on sites like facebook, mySpace and orkut which is all about individualism, i doubt something as bleak and this microsite ( which looks more like a hyperbolic, over-animated fairy tale for a bimbo...would ever get young women or teenagers excited.
i have a whole different view, of course subject to other opinions here:

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