Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dare for more !!! daring to be different!!!

These three print advertisements show the red white and blue Pepsi logo in the context of photographs portraying extreme sports: “Surfer”, “Climber” and “Boarder”.....
The ‘Dare for More’ campaign consisted of three posters shown here, each illustrating sporting activities under extreme conditions; mountain climbing, surfing and snowboarding. In each ad the solitary sportsman is dwarfed by nature to the point of being barely visible at first glance as he ‘dares for more’.( the close up views are also given here for your understanding of how small we all look like when compared to nature…)
The best thing according to me is the central outline of each poster which aptly replicates the mode and colour scheme of the Pepsi logo: a band of red on the top (sky or mountain range) and a band of dark blue on the bottom (sea, cliff face or valley), with a strong white curve separating these two colours (snow, clouds or ocean spray).
Saw it? Amazing isn’t it???

This selection of layout and colours offer strong branding, even from a distance, to the point that the posters are easily decipherable as Pepsi ads even without the brand name or brand symbols touted, just the tagline ‘dare for more’. Extra branding comes from Pepsi’s round red, white and blue logo substituting the letter ‘o’ in the word ‘more’ and that is just a value add. It actually wasn’t required to register the brand…
Need less to say, it won many and acclaim and awards(Epica Awards 2007, Eurobest 2007 Print Silver, Eurobest 2007 ,Epica 2007 Print Gold, Epica 2007 Print Epica d'Or, Eurobest 2007 Outdoor Silver, Golden Awards Of Montreux 2008 Poster) but more importantly done a huge bit for the sales of the brand.. Now that is also important right???

Kudos for daring ..daring to be different !!!
Credits :

Agency: BBDO Germany GmbH, Duesseldorf
Creative Directors: Veikko Hille, Sebastian Hardieck, Toygar Bazarkaya
Copywriter: Christopher NeumannArt Director: Michael Plueckhahn
Art Buying: Birgit Paulat
Production company: Stefan Kranefeld
Imaging Account Executives: Heike Flottmann, Annika Lauhoefer
Released: November 2007

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