Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Leo Burnett - Musically creative !!!

When a brand hunts for talent it becomes imperative that it appeals to the talent so much that he/she decides to jump in... and when an ad agency is the hunter in question, there opens a wide vista of creative scope... particularly when the agency is looking for creatives....Here in this ad by Leo , we see a musician arranging a table full of awards that Leo Burnett has won and fine tunes them to a perfect note using an iPhone app … Its  a self promo for  Leo-Budapest and is targeted at new creatives seeking employment... 

We are kinda musical agency ...and we need more instruments..... If you are interested to get some for us..... is what is said and how rightly and beautifully said !!!

If I were in Budapest, I would have applied with no shame even though I am nowhere and in no ways a creative.... Kudos for the idea which is simple, and execution which is brilliant  !

Credits & Description:

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Budapest, Hungary
Creative Director: Vilmos Farkas
Art Director: Miklos Voros
Copywriter: Mate Nagy
Director of Photography: Andras Szoke
Director: Peter Marton
Published: February 2011

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