Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ritz & Beat - selling life !!!

‘How many moments have you lived’ is the question asked here and it makes one ponder.. I liked the ad for the simple fact that after a long time here is a car ad that shows the small and happily family in their car, enjoying their world…since mid December it’s going the rounds and is contributing immensely to the sales of Ritz which is a good car and hence this simple and beautiful ad looks so believable and real.

‘Plan ahead’ is what the Chevy beat has to say in this ad which looks like the mirror image of the Ritz one. Life and its living moments is the theme in both and hence the similarity, may be. That is ,seeing it from the view point of a simple family man, who bought his new car just a month back (not a Ritz or a Beat to make a confession!).

Such communication makes a lot of difference. Buyers when deciding to buy a car – choosing between A brand and B brand, may not take an ad seriously for information. This is because ads are the purest form of commercial sources of information. But a good ad, such as these can help the brand in climbing the ladder of recall and taking to brand into the buyers consideration set. If an ad does at least that, its purpose is done.

The review of Ritz and Beat as Cars is better left to the auto experts but the ads are striking, positive, simple and sweet!!!


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