Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Look at Me.. Look at Me... Please Look at Me.!!!

.The business of advertising is funny...(of course ,made so with the funny people that we have in abundance) it is about some how getting the attention of the mass and the crass, some how means some how...just make sure that the OTS happens, make sure that the brand and its message pass through and across the eyeballs and if possible the brains that are connected to the eyeballs...and on ground earth, where they fight out the war of clutter among all the dust and din and the sweat and blood and the corpses and the confusion, just a few survive and those who do, fall into the insecurity of the victor, and is always in a hurry to get new and become new.....

Just like the average models who do not think they are too skinny.....just like actors do not find themselves handsome enough.... just like the stars who claim not to know what all the fuss is about. Our crazy obsession with the perfected surface has become so absolute that everybody ends up having to work off some obscure psychic debt...

In our industry though, its proving to be for the good. Unless you become insecure and reinvent to be new and to be seen, advertising will not serve its very basic purpose and will not have the fun it was born along with....

This ad came in Business line some years back and in a lecture I used it as a good example of advertising strategy.. ..... I still use it to show that the right creative strategy married to the right media strategy makes a wonderful offspring named good advertising strategy... and this is a proof..Done by MC Saatchi for Jet airways ( in a category ,which in India, is suddenly cluttered and looking worse than a corpse ladden battle ground),it stood out and so well and did blend with the media, and with a graceful ease delivered the message.

and this, which struck me, is from an in flight magazine of Jet airways is an extension of the above idea but executed with charm and creativity... just see it..

The first one is a Dutch gate-fold, and when you open the fold comes the space, which is the selling point... Brilliant in conception but what is more heartening is the successful coming together of the creatives and the media !!!

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