Thursday, October 04, 2007

Fighting for the kiss !!!

A phenomenal commercial!

Everyone wants skin as soft as a baby’s bottom, right?
Wilkinson let the metaphor inspire their latest razor commercial in which a husband grows envious of the pampering his wife is giving their child. In an attempt to win back her affection, he uses his secret weapon—the Wilkinson Quattro Titanium razor...... cliched but marvellously executed.... The computer-animated commercial goes on to show baby and daddy duke it out in a fight for kisses.

“There was a time when babies had a great life,” the commercial begins. “The softess of their skin got them all their mom’s attention. Then one day, fathers discovered a special weapon… from now on, fathers and sons can fight on equal terms. Men can now take revenge and win back their wives.” ...

I had a good laugh on this ad, with my wife sharing the bliss.. Now thinking of getting a new blade....

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