Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My Picks for the Week!

I was just looking through some of the advertisements. They speak different languages. Some are plain and some are intutive. Some are clumsy and some are emotional. Some are talkative and some are funny. I liked them. They had lot of words in print! - they were amusing!

Movies weren't made with ads in them! So we'll never show them that way!
( But movies need ads to promote them and for the little money as it gets !)

Asian cousin meets French Technique. They Marry. They name their first born Suilan ! (for Suilan Hotels. ) .

The ad clears doubt from your minds. ( But, it says so simply that when two things combine, a third identity is formed. So it is never the same!)

They are good copies. But are they also a little bit clumsy?

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