Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wow! Wow Sports Brands!

Tiger woods, recently earned $87 million as endorsements last year, Phil Nickelson lagged behind him by $48 million. Manchester United's merchandise revenue was $23.6 million and had ticket revenue of $132 million. So fans are so adamant about their brands and why?

All have a love to become famous, almost everybody like games. We play games even at work! All are inspired by legends!

Jimmy Connors and Boris Becker, Pete Sampras and Roger Federer, Pele and Maradona and many!..

"Golaazoooooooooo! Brazil", we have heard it many times again we will!

Teams are brands. Teams become legends too. Teams become more than individuals themselves like Manchester United, Real Madrid and Boston Red Sox!..

What Motivates us? Oh! even if we don't feel or even if we are sceptic, it is natural to be fond of games and players bcoz we are and we believe:

Freedom and adventure
Hard work is good. Success follows from hard work
People can improve themselves. Tomorrow is better than today
Caring for others, particularly the underdog
Being ‘young at heart’
So sports endorsements and sports professionals in advertising becomes one of the most common tools! and so be it!

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