Thursday, October 11, 2007

Garden Vareli!..A Brand that Was!

Garden Silks, were just another apparel store selling sarees. Instead of showing the traditional values associated with sarees, to sell themselves, its ads had always been showing trendy and beautiful women in sarees, quite emotionally attached to them. As they innovated with materials and designs, they made a brand name for themselves.
The noticeable traits that differentiated their ads were
moving images of beautiful women in flowing designer sarees made it look more trendier- it gave an image that sarees are not always traditional, but very contemporary too! It became a normal choice for the working woman during 80s and 90s. Further, it matched with social transformation, as more women were encouraged to look out for jobs then. Its advertisementis still a remarkable model for silk apparels especially sarees!.
Check the ad here! Although sarees are uncommon in 2000s, Garden Vareli ads positioned "saree" as a trendy, stylish and appealing attire!

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