Friday, December 14, 2007

How to Sell Themselves!..

Advertisements are a platform for models and the film fraternity to speak about themselves and say how stylish they are. But recently, we have found a trend, as we have seen in KANK, , OM Shanthi OM, and some other films, were actors parade themselves to just remind all of us, that they are back in films, especially someones like Shilpa, Anil Kapoor, Akshay Kumar and some others. It becomes " a point of sale" of their own charming skills for a few seconds in the screen. I think that also is the political game of cricket, waiting for roles to shine, retire, and say oops I have lost my...
Hope, it does not happen in advertising, just like we are happening to see old bollywood songs played in background for many ads like LG and Fiat Palio. Yes, its the same with everyone everywhere- the noted ones being Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, who cannot sleep without new scoops and gossips about themselves.
So one day Naseerudin Hoja decided to advertise himself. He didn't find anything better than wearing rags , sitting on a horse back turned to other side of horse's face, drumming a baja, and singing loudly as the best attempt to impress others, as clumsy as he is! somebody asked him why he is sitting turned to other side? he replied, " hey , why are you asking me? You ask the horse why it is running the other way?'.. It seems to be the same with all of these actors and pop singers too.. for one thing, they feel they are ignored, they donno what to do to charm others, so let it be like this!...
So, friends...... should we bother about glamour and glitz, as long as it seems like..desperate people's attempt of foolishness to impress others!

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