Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Saying Yes and No

Go, look for the green,
Go, look for the red,
But, whether it will give you, your daily bread?

I hope, you wouldn't have read what I had meant. Sometimes we make our advertisements colourful, filling it with unidentified flying objects to develop curiosity. Sometimes it makes us feel blunt and make a remark- " Oh, these ad guys are crazy, what is it?."

I would suggest the creatives to think twice before they feel, they have done their best. The Sprite ad says " make sure you don't look thirsty".. but I would like to say:- Do we always drink Sprite just to impress girls? or are the girls so annoyed that they can't tolerate a guy's look?

And for the next:- May be Britney overdid it in the media, so we have just begun to listen to Britney's tears. They are just cashing in on her popularity again.

May be the last one is better. Nothing begins in a day nor ends. But we would like to know everyday, something about yesterday, which every news paper brings.

So shouldn't we think again:
Ads can be made to please.
It can also be made to tease.
But, will it always make us say cheese?

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