Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gold spot- The zing thing...

Gold Spot was a popular orange-flavored soft drink in India until 1993. The brand was owned by Parle, but was sold to Coca-Cola when it re-entered the Indian market in 1993. Gold Spot had a catchy punch line - The Zing Thing. Gold Spot was withdrawn from the market in order to make space for Coca-Cola's Fanta brand in line with the world majors global policy.

Gold spot for me is nostalgia… the school days where the breaks in the canteen , the meagre pocket money was extingushed for the zing thing.. the ads that was aplenty in whatever media was available ( no clutter, no competition and virtually no confusion)… surprisingly ,inspite of all the favours that seemed to support the brand the communication was attractive and captivating… lazy guys werent there it seems, taking the ride for granted....

See the ads and you will know what I mean…My age group and my seniors will know even otherwise.... no big time strategy planning and head honchos at work, but they did the job ....of communicating… The zing thing !!!!

Adformula salutes the byegone brand.. We miss u !!!

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Dileep said...

I still remember those days when I used to go out into the town with my father and drink "Gold Spot". It tasted much better than Mirinda.

There were some other things which I would like to mention with "old is Gold" tag.. Like "Hamam" soap of the 80s, particularly smelling better and foaming well!..

Some of the good soap brands of Godrej like marvel, evita and cinthol!

Amul chocolates with tagline " a gift for someone you love"

Lots of things! that felt better!

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