Monday, October 18, 2010

Dream Job ad- job ads need not be boring !

Here is a touching testimonial of a worker whose occupation is not regulated, has no trade union support, doesn’t get weekends off and he works up to 14 hours per day!! Poor guy right? ...... see it....

And I thought my work was fun...... 

This is a campaign for Dream Job a job portal website in Brazil.....Bikini-clad Brazilian models are what most men would dream of being with and yet the worker is completely dissatisfied with his job ( HUH..!!!). The catch is when the worker claims that he’ll quit this nightmare, a clever insertion of a statement that there are “more than 140,000 job positions—one of them will make you happy.” appears.. !

I haven't seen many job ads here that are that creative and worth remembering., Hari Sadu may be an exception, of course...This one is creative and fun to the core.. !

Credits :- 

Advertising Agency: BorghiErh/Lowe....... São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: José Henrique Borghi, Erh Ray, Edgard Gianesi
Art Director: Fabio Nunes
Copywriters: José Henrique Borghi, Kiko Mattoso
Producer: Sagaz Filmes
Producer Director: Cláudio Cinelli
Fotography director: Scalante
Editor: Cláudio Cinelli
Sound: Comando S
Post production: Sagaz Filmes
Agency Producer: Márcia Coelho and Elisa Pamplona
Client Services: Priscilla Carvalho and Daniela Biazoto
Client Approval: André Vasconcellos and Pupo Neto
Aired: April 2009

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