Friday, October 01, 2010

Non Gandhian World of Advertising

I was browsing through my Fav tweet message and got stuck in Shashi Tharoor's message.

His latest column,(Gandhi Jayathi special )on our non-Gandhian world: Got excited to read the article, two reasons: Mahatma is my hero and I like Shashi Tharoor's style of writing. But when i clicked and landed on the page.

Now there are two ads and one news content. All the three pieces of information go well against the spirit of Gandhism. This shows the sad part of consumerism.

It is high time Deccan Chronicle (where the ad and article appeared) take some serious steps on content based advertising. I mean there is very little chance of someone who is into Gandhian philosophy will browse through thousand of Indian singles in ignighter and start flirting but then they might be looking for a new house. I did not browse the ignighter but read the article. It is well written. Link to the article. As Tharoor said it is really a non Gandhian World (of Advertising)

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sambarman said...

I think you are wrong this time. I'd say there's no better article to place those ads...all the three are meant for the INC members(including MLA, MP and chotta netas)- everything about them is Indian, there is woman (in a "revealing assets" pose), politics (dirty of course) and land (the mostly grabbed or to be grabbed ones)...what more could a Congress Party worker ask for?

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