Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Did you KNOW?

Did you know that an internal memo that O&M send to its staff got leaked and is going around in the networld..It is argued that it is a Living proof that Big Dumb Agencies (BDA’s) get dumber by the day.....

here is it for you....

As you all have heard by now, we didn't bring home the Wal-Mart business this week. The final decision does not take place until later today, officially, but we wanted to at least connect with everyone about Wal-Mart before the week was out. The short story is that we didn't win it. The longer story is that the Wal-Mart client was relentless in their praise of our people, our thinking, our pride and of the overall caliber of the agency.
The real story is that a truly amazing group of people work at Ogilvy, and that group turned out an idea and a pitch that was as good or better than anybody could ever hope to deliver. We have never been prouder to work at Ogilvy than on the day we pitched that business. And "Ogilvy" means everybody, all disciplines, all departments...everybody. Wal-Mart went with Draft/FCB based on their perception of where their business was headed.
So be it..... We wish them well.
We are a great agency. We were a great agency last week and we're a better one this week. Our most sincere thanks go to everyone who worked on the pitch. And we do mean everyone. As ever, the New Biz team pulled off miracles on a daily basis, so a special thanks to them. Enjoy the weekend. Be proud.
Know there are a lot more fish in the sea......

comments please...!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I'd have thought it was a good way of addresssing team motivatin issues and appreciating the work that was done : even though u do not win all the battles u fightin life, u still need to have the courage to go out and fight

Anonymous said...

well said..thanks

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