Thursday, February 01, 2007

Aahaa.. what a climax !!!

My brother was busy changing batteries of his mp3 player, to hear running commentary of 4th cricket match between India and West Indies, thanx to Nimbus. These brought back blurred memories of 1984, when my uncles were all glued to Murphy radio sets to hear Kapil’s dev’s momentous outing (?) in the Lord’s.

And remember Mr. Ameen Sayani, the legendary broadcaster of “Binaca (later Cibaca) Geethmala in radio Ceylon? As they say, History repeats by itself, Radio has become once more popular. Up, Down and Up again… The up-and-coming of FM channels across India has helped Radio return from the grave.

As per Mr. Sayani, radio is a fascinating medium, “when you listen to a note or a word, you paint a picture in your mind and a creative process evolves. Radio is very participative and involving”.

‘Aahaa’ of entertainment !!!

On January 18, 2007 Aahaa, 91.9 FM went on air. Aahaa, “The climax of entertainment”,(see the tagline…remember it..!!) was the ninth private radio to air in Chennai. Hoardings of ‘Aahaa ‘FM has captured the attention of Chennaites ….Why not….?

Did you not say “Aahaa”?? Now read that tagline again…..

When it comes to radio, it’s not only the climax of entertainment but beginning of a second life, which no one foresaw..

All those critics and media watchers must have gone hiding….

Marconi must be laughing, in mirth from his grave…..

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Arvind said...

aahaa!!! i am very happy now. now i can enjoy one more channel when i will go to Chennai.

Radio market is becoming hotter and hotter, but media planners will have tough time. Happiest personers are listeners including me. keep going..

mushirul alam said...

good work sandy.a good way to start. we here in bangladesh are fans of sabu sirs blog. we feel happy that you have joined. are you with advertising agencies? please reply. and we expect more from you.

Sandy Varma said...

Thanx mushirul for the comment. I am with ICFAI research centre, Chennai.

Archana Padgaonkar said...

very interesting stuff.hope to see more of such new things. How about all the new revolution that is being talked about in OOH?

Anonymous said...

What is the gal in the ad doing, rubbing her clit? Is the guy stroking himself?

Most tacky ads i have ever seen in my life.Anywhere in the world. What a waste of money.

Carol Aasjid said...

that is not surely catches attention anywhere in the world.I have worked in advertising for the past 18 years and before you say it is waste of money you should see whether it wll get noticed. be it rubbing the clit or getting an orgasm, the road traveller will for sure seeit and that is it.good ads. it is easy to draw stupid assumption based on closed viewpoints and limited experiences of the world like the previous 'anonymous commenter'.

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