Saturday, February 03, 2007

An unconference on Wikis..must for bloggers..!!!

India's First Unconference on Wikis.....

The event will take place at Tidel Park, Chennai on Feb 25th.

The crux of the event is in harnessing the wisom of crowds about the power of wikis and collective collaboration. Wiki is an extremely powerful tool but highly under-utilized and worse,less understood.This event aims to bring the best minds in technology to come share their knowledge on Wikis. This is an unconference... this means even you can come present and share your learnings. The focus is clearly on learning and knowledge sharing.A quick note about an unconference. There is no passive audience. Every one is a participant. This means that you will have to speak or help with organizing the event or live blog, photo blog or video blog the event. This is OUR event and everyone chips in. more you can read here

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