Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dangerous Liaisons !!!!

“Queer” is the word which comes to my mind when I see a “Levi-Straus” ad. Haven’t we ever seen young girls and boys sporting Levis denims proudly proclaiming “I am different and stylish”. They are just referring to the brand personality they love!

The new ‘ Dangerous Liaisons’ traces the history of Levis denims by showing different apparels that had been in fashion during last two decades ending with the 2007 collection with a new brand tag “New from the original”

Founded in 1853, Levis denim had an astonishing history. Levi Strauss came to New York to lend a helping hand in to his brother’s dry goods business. He had brought canvasses for tent-making and wagon covers. One day, a person asked Levis about the items and suggested that he should sell rough pants which would last longer. He made use of the canvas cloth to stitch pants and the miners who bought them liked it. But, they still asked for better and tougher ones! And he started using a cloth called "serge de Nimes" from France and the long story of denim fashions began

The ad begins with a lady waiting for a young man who comes in 1800 outfit of Levis. As soon as they see each other, love struck and passion brewing, they begin taking off their clothes and slowly different fashions of 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s are revealed and the 2007 collection is shown finally.

Levis ad is primarily linked to attraction and the style that a new brand of denim brings, inspiring lot of distinctiveness and force of attraction between two young minds of opposite sex.

The commercial is done by agency BBH, visual effects by Mill and sound design by Wave.

As queer as it speaks about- some of earlier print and media ads:-

Now that is not the end of it, I am sure.....

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Anonymous said...

cool !!! hot adverts but will this go on for ever?

margarethe said...

pure non sense is what this controversy makers are into. God knows what brand essense they are talking about. The author seems to have go himself carried away by the charm that levi exudes. Beneath the charm there is a lot of dirt that symbolises American life.

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