Tuesday, February 20, 2007

O My GOD, these RaNkiNG!!!!

Sabu Nair Mangalasserril [Contact]
N. A.


3050th rank???? The owner had a shock of his life, when will adformula feature in Top 50 or at least Top 100?

Lots of brand building needs to be done, he thought.

The power of user generated content is on the rise. Many a giants have been humbled by the power of blogging. Heard the case of starbucks in the forbidden city of China, and the “Coke-mentos human experiment” in Youtube? Some of the companies have started their own blog where any consumer/person can go and give suggestions/ experience. Sunsilk's Gang of girls is a good example of how a company gets ideas from user generated content.

As Thomas Freidman in his bestseller, “World is flat”, says the demarcation between producer and consumer is becoming thinner and soon to be vanished. You consume then you produce, again you consume………

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