Friday, February 09, 2007

an ad a day !!!

Intellegent use of white space and not taking the video theme into print literally and yet staying with the bad breathe is appreciable,,,,......
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nraamprasad said...

Nice traetment.... but is bad breath still a critical thing for consumer ?

Why should Close-up move out of it ?
bUt for any new launch it seems to be a good differentiator?

Unless the product stand for it ... it will bomb in market.

kumar © said...

boss, everytime u cant have a tooth brushing after a meal. right?

so it will work for a fresh breath candy or something like that.

Marc stevenson said...

true the other comments are . while appreciating the creative efforts isnt it too common a differentiator? it is a paradox, every player saying the same and trying to differentiate. when this brand is new and competing with the big lions the going is going to be tough..

any ways loved the dracula...

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