Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Not a dream anymore!!!

When Air Deccan airways was launched, Capt. Gopinath said that his competitors were not other airways but Indian Railways. He ushered a new wave of Low cost airline. Here is the ad of Air Deccan. Thanks to these LCA, for millions of Indians, flying is no longer a dream
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Leena said...

this ad has also got into the limca book of world records for the most lengthy ad.

Valroy said...
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Valroy said...

Leena, you missed the woods for the trees!

Brilliant. Look at it from the eyes it was meant to open and you will see what i see. Go to the Deccan counter and see dreams being made real everyday.

Its idiots who want Jet service at BEST rates who complain. Cheapskates. To all those people I say Shut up and SimplFLY!

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