Friday, May 25, 2007

Ukkarungo...Bingo sappidungo..!!!

Im sure you have seen it... those bingo ads which have at last broken the hell of clutter that was ravaging in the category.... ITC determined with all the money and muscle and more importantly with a mindset tuned to strategy and success, is making the waves even here in a category ravaged by unorganised players and infinite brands....

If the earlier flamingo ads rocked, the glad bangles one made us glad and giggle... and almost took out our breathe ,till the last minute when one sees the ad for the first time...

Now dont get upset that the product benefit aint clear and the promise isnt made and all such stuff....the category is such that the clutter breaking is important... bakki sab...Well u said it.... Bakwaas !!!

Good advertising from Ogilvy and Mather

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