Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Love Bites, Musst Bites or Dog Bites- Which is your hot favourite?

We like to bite, don’t we? Chips, French fries, biscuits and what not? - Parle Musst bites too. But I am a little afraid to try it because I don’t know whether my friend would bite me out of love, or out of being jealous, or because she had seen the “musst bites” advertisement .

Comments from the makers:

Shalini Desai , brand manager, Parle Musst bites says , “Most of the snacking category has its communication harping on the feel good factor of sharing and caring. It was to be positioned as a product that was so tempting that its consumer would actually feel possessive about it and go to weird lengths to protect it. “

Santosh Patil from O& M commented that “Today’s youth speak a different language, one which is wacky, humorous, edgy and individualistic, so subtlety was not an option for us.”

Yes, it’s different from that of “KurKure”, where Juhi and family eat up jumbo family packets or that of “Lays” where Saif and friends are having a party. They don't seem to be tempting!..

Our own Munna Bhai would say,
Apun zara busy hai, tere girl friend ko ek packet musst bites de do, kaam ho jaayega

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Anthara sharma said...

cool.have seen it and have read a lot.but this cartoon pics reallly amuse me...good work

Arvind said...

ads r really attracting, humours, clutter breaking and easy to re-call. Nice catch @ right time Dileep..

Malik qureshi said...

Good ads that tickled humour but is the sales happpening? Request you to bring some light to that aspect. After all the proof of the pudding is in eating ??

Dileep said...

Thanx for the comments from all of you. I also liked the flash version of the ad and felt that it was cool to recall :)

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