Monday, May 07, 2007

La La Shakira........ its Money Spinning!

Shakira’s performance was second most expensive show in India, first being that of Michael Jackson’s. The young college going Indians, who didn’t have swelling pockets, had to shell out 2650 or 3650 for the show and these young things were begging literally to find free passes for the show. Over 20000 passes…oh that means around 100 million
rupees from the show. People also crowded around Shakira’s albums for a week at Planet Ms and Music Worlds…

The shows like these often generate huge revenue and fan following. Not only that, it often bring new offers for upcoming artists. When music would also go global, who knows.. We are likely to hear Latin music in hindi albums and movies too.. Choreographer Farah Khan was quite impressed! And even Shakira was so fond of her that, she personally invited Farah to her show. She was also likely to sing in “ Om-Shanthi-Om”, an upcoming bollywood movie.

From her show for the American Idol program, it was believed that it boosted sales of “Oral Fixation vol.2” , from 50000 copies a week to to 81,000 copies a week.. So shows, are one of the best forms of promotion for cassettes and CD companies, for the performers, as it would boost sales, as they come in contact with more people and by the way creating huge fan following. Nokia, Reliance Industries, Kingfisher, Planet M etc were co- sponsors of the event.

Sometimes you may get lucky, bcoz Madonna did, Michael Jackson did, Shakira did, Kylie Minouge did…so why wouldn’t we?

Many companies seems to have fallen in love with the ‘events method’ like Virgin Airlines, Kingfisher and many others. Hey, advertising community, are you listening?
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