Friday, May 11, 2007

If Tying a Knot with Someone is Enjoyable!.

Seeing this matrimonial advertisement at the Yahoo web page, I was thinking of the marriages which I have attended recently and if it would be a mix of tamilian and malayali culture, the onlookers will have all the fun!.. The bride and bridegroom will have a tough time following traditions , in a marriage extravaganza.
The bride, wearing mehndi and an assortment of jewels , wearing lot of bangles, covering her hands and unfolding herself as a magical diva covered with gold, would be sweating in the pandal, waiting for the groom.
One of the elders , would be worrying a lot regarding keeping the time, to know whether muhurthum is over or not. The groom's family would be searching for the cabbies to rush to the wedding hall as fast as they can.. And if all this troubles are not enough, two sets of camera men would also be waiting for clicking the fabulous shot in the wedding.
After having tied the mangal sutra and signed in the registers, or being declared married ( as it happens in Christian & Muslim marriages) , a queue will form up. The vistors are in hurry to meet the newly weds. They shake hands, hug , smile, take photos and finally load them with gifts. The bride and groom would be searching for a little bit of oxygen to breath. By the way, now the rush begins, not at the wedding hall, but where the food is served..It happens to be the routine in almost all weddings..
Quite expensive!...but it gives you an occassion to meet relatives, friends and the newly wed couple...But should it be so elitistic or should marriages be made simpler?
"It seems the ad looks more simpler than marriage."
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