Monday, May 21, 2007

Memorial Campaigns : A Class Apart

I was half-asleep in my sofa, when I heard about it first-" World Trade Centre had fallen down!" and " Pentagon was attacked". I didn't believe!.. I asked my mom to check the news again. The television didn't tell lies.. It was true that air-attacks had brought down the WTC buildings, which were standing as a mark of pride for the Americans. It made them paranoic and suspicious of everyone , else themselves. We, Indians, hear such shocking instances almost every day, but it happened in US, where people felt they were " free and safe".
We shed tears, we empathised with the relatives and friends of victims of 9/11. We thought " Why it happened?" . We left them as sad memories. We have to come back to life leaving the dead to rest in peace.
Making an advertising campaign for " memorials" is quite difficult as it should be simple, memorable, thought provoking. They must be able to become part of our memories. They must provoke us to change and lead a better life!. Such incidents and their rememberance should make us better people!..

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