Monday, July 02, 2007

Branding Countries! Branding Ourselves!

During the last decade, we have seen major initiatives by nation states to advertise themselves. In order to distinguish themselves, and to project a halo of attraction globally, they advertise themselves as a paradise with several features like- vivid culture, friendly people, safer nation, panacea for all illnesses ( am referring to health tourism), growing economy and like.

Here we see, Claudia Schiffer, adorned in German flag, a feast for our eyes, projecting Germany as a place for safer investments. Some of these advertisements have appeared in magazines like The Economist and Fortune . It says Germany- A Land of Ideas!

La, la Brazil- the Vengaboys song is quite a memorable one. This commercial for brazil tourism speaks of the Carnivals, the culture, its samba dance wersions, the freedom and joy that this latin American country proudly posseses. Some of us do know that Lula's land had become a major attraction due its bio-fuel ventures.

Malaysia- Truly Asia- This small piece of landscape, a nation which projects itself as a place - where we would find a mixture of all Asian cultures is one of the cheaper tourist destinations.

Thailand- the small Asian nation, also called the 'Land of White Elephants' is one of those countries in Asia with a rverberating culture, ethnic dance forms and a land of hospitality. A land where we find pagodas, chaityas and stupas is mainly known for its hospitality!

And India, a place where I live, is a land of different cultures, staying tolerant with each other, existing and growing- a culture which normally finds ways for evolution!. Here, we project our nation for its sustaining vivid culture, growing economy for investments and a place where you would get rejuvenated. A different experience altogether giving a spiritual consciousness too.

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