Wednesday, July 11, 2007

RGX Life : Beware of a Sniffing Mouse

Some of us are good at using our nose. Most of us often like to escape from comments like - " Oh! sweat, it stinks!". We often fall prey to deodorant brands like Axe, Adidas, Set Wet Zetak and like. Men like being cajoled, being a "treat" in between a swarm of girlfriends- freudian instincts, friends!. The perfumed deodorant brands know your late night dream vagaries and put you in their ploy.
RGX life do something more. They talk about those sniffing mouses among your friends, who would like to say, "I want to smell you from right here.. and so on" . This is what the enticing lady does in the commercial.
See the different takes here. .......
She says young men should grow up, and if you are curious to know more about her, then delve into this MTV report.
But I have a suggestion to the makers of this advertisement, Would you like to know that "Men don't like to take orders". Most of them are chivalrous, but chauvinistic too......

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