Tuesday, July 03, 2007

HCL ...touching my antipathy !!!

HCL is in a repositioning spree… and FCB ulka (yes the one who earler did the talking numbers campaign)is the advertising partner in its attempt to” connect with the public”…….

Now that you have seen the ad…….here are some doubts…..

You work for a $4B company (according to the Ad), they are sending you in a helicopter to go “overseas for a “life sciences project”…

* Why does the helicopter wait for you in the middle of wilderness ?

* Why does the company expect you to beseech a ride? Can they not send you a cab?

* Can you fly overseas in a Helicopter? (from India at least)

* When he has an internet connection is getting a taxi so difficult for the “intelligent “HCL guy?

* The i-banker guy is driving a SUV which in this story is a sign of prosperity from stocks and shares and yet he reacts like a kid when the gifted and sharp hero tells him about the stock crash?

"As a technology company, we had a tendency to be nerdy and it reflected in our past ad campaigns. But we wanted our ads to connect with the public." This is what the present ad, labelled the `Touch Technology' campaign, attempts to do”, said HCL Corporate Vice-President - Strategy, Mr Saurav Adhikari.

Good thought sir, late but good, but I guess you still have a tendency, the hero at the end simply turns out to be a nerd, a geeky egoist who will take the brand to nowhere better…..You come back to square one…..

Its there everywhere and in every channel and the more I see it, the more I feel bad about HCL, about whom I didn’t know anything. I have started to feel that it obviously is a group of self appreciating morons……

Is that what you are spending your millions for?

To buy the viewers antipathy?


Anonymous said...

FCB ...? Fucking careless bastards

Anonymous said...

How do you say that >it is bad to blame the agency only...is it not that the client gets what he wants?

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