Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Print Speaks!

Some print advertisements do not usually catch our eye, some may not hold your attention and most of them are not recalled.

Some of them consistently disturb our eyes, and a familiarity leads to liking. But here is a list of advertisements that we would like, with an uncommon touch.

This advertisement for Australian Post says "If you really want to touch someone. send them a letter"

The bewitching eyes !- The Unicef advertisement says, " Education for women in Islamic Countries ". A creation of FCB Kobza.

Unbelievable- The hair is what the police department remembers, a Sunsilk advertisement!

From zzzzzzz...... to hmm Nescafe........it wakes you up everyday!..

We would dance on chairs.. a Hungarian Dance Academy advertisement!. What's the rat doing in the ad?

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